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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

We are excited to now offer A-PRP treatments.

A-PRP stands for autologous platelet rich plasma. Autologous means “harnessed” from one’s own body. A-PRP is a biological solution from the patient’s whole blood that contains concentrated growth factors, high levels of platelet concentration, and proteins. Platelets are the architects of tissue healing as their presence at an injury site initiates and guides the healing process.

The Process is Fast and Easy.

A small amount of blood will be obtained from your arm using a small needle and syringe. The blood will be put through a “soft” centrifugation spinning process that will separate and concentrate the platelets and other beneficial components including growth factors. The platelets and growth factors are mixed within the plasma and are then injected into the treatment area. This process usually takes less than 20 minutes

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